Mixteco/indigina community organizing project

Grants & Impact Investing

What We Do

The Weingart Foundation helps build the capacity of communities to advance racial, social and economic justice by expanding services and changing systems. Our vision is a dynamic and effective social change sector that is creating equitable systems and structures needed to achieve justice. We fund in the five Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura.

We support nonprofit organizations, collaboratives, and coalitions that provide critical services in communities, as well as those engaged in power building and organizing for systemic change. These funding strategies are outlined below. While we fund a broad range of organizations throughout our service area, we have also identified several Areas of Special Interest. Our geographically-based areas of special interest include the historically underserved communities of South Los Angeles and Southeast Los Angeles. Our issue-based areas of special interest include Housing and Homelessness, Immigrant/Refugee Rights and Integration, and Strengthening Nonprofit Effectiveness.

In alignment with our focus on racial equity and building power for transformative change, we lead initiatives in youth organizing and movement leadership development. We also frequently work in partnership with others to realize greater impact.

Our commitment to equity requires that all of our policies and practices align with our focus on advancing racial and socioeconomic justice. We increasingly make mission related investments, and we exclude investments in areas like firearms, tobacco, private prisons, and activity that harms the environment.

Funding Strategies

Unrestricted Operating Support

Reflecting the trust and respect we have for our nonprofit partners, multi-year Unrestricted Operating Support (U.O.S.) makes up the overwhelming majority of our grantmaking. Our U.O.S. funding is designed to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, collaboratives, and coalitions advancing equity and justice. Our U.O.S. partners work in collaboration with others to achieve a larger vision, and they are also committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in their internal organizational practices. For more information, click here.

Strategic Opportunity Fund & Program Related Investments

The Foundation does make some grants for specific programs or purposes through our Strategic Opportunity Fund. This fund prioritizes support for collaboratives and initiatives focused on addressing critical service needs and building power in impacted communities. It also prioritizes projects that align with the Foundation’s Areas of Special Interest.

We also administer a revolving Program Related Investment (P.R.I.) Fund that provides below-market, flexible financing to nonprofits for bridge financing, working capital, and acquisition and pre-development costs. These loans align with our broader funding framework, priorities, and Areas of Special Interest.

In order to expedite funding to core partners as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we have suspended accepting unsolicited requests and instead are using an invitation-only process. We make grants and loans throughout the year. For questions, please contact a member of our program staff.