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Message from Fred Ali, President & CEO

Weingart Foundation to Conclude Grantmaking
in Santa Barbara County

I am writing to let you know that the Weingart Foundation’s board of directors has made the very difficult decision to conclude the Foundation’s responsive grant program throughout Santa Barbara County.

Over the last several years, the Weingart Foundation has been working to deepen its efforts to advance racial, social and economic justice. As part of our ongoing process to strengthen and ensure the effectiveness of our programs, we have taken the time to look closely at all aspects of our work, ranging from how and where we fund, to our application process and our investment policies.

As our efforts continue to deepen and become more geographically concentrated, we believe that we must now consolidate and focus our core work closer to our home office to maintain our effectiveness and impact.

Historically, the Foundation has maintained a large geographic footprint working to respond to the needs of nonprofits throughout Southern California, including those in Santa Barbara County. In the four decades that we have funded in Santa Barbara County, the Weingart Foundation has provided more than $30 million in grants to local nonprofit and community-based organizations working to support low-income and underserved communities.

In recent years, however, the Foundation has increasingly focused our work and resources within Los Angeles and its adjacent counties, as well as on issues of particular urgency and concern to the Foundation. Efforts include our work to strengthen nonprofit organizations in South Los Angeles and significantly increasing our grantmaking in the areas of housing for homeless and immigrant rights, as detailed in our current Program Plan.

We deeply respect and value the nonprofit organizations in Santa Barbara County. We have watched our partners grow their own capacity and learned from them as they worked to tackle complex social issues. And we have always greatly appreciated our many colleague funders and thought partners in the region.

As of April 17, 2019, the Weingart Foundation will no longer accept letters of inquiry from organizations working entirely or primarily in Santa Barbara County. However, we do plan to provide a final round of grants for recent and strongly-aligned grantees. Please note that we will not be accepting unsolicited applications for these final grants. Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on this grant process, as well as here for a thank you to our partners in Santa Barbara County.

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Fred Ali
President & CEO