St. John's Well Child & Family Center


Unrestricted Operating Support: Q&A with Joyce Ybarra, Director of Learning

At the Weingart Foundation, we consistently hear from nonprofits that unrestricted support is vital to achieving their missions. In order to deepen our understanding of the impact of our Unrestricted Operating Support grantmaking, we developed a series of case profiles that detail the work. Joyce Ybarra, Director of Learning, highlighted her main takeaways from this research.

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Program Related Investment Fund: Q&A with Rosa Benitez, Senior Program Officer

The Weingart Foundation is committed to advancing fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for all Southern Californians. As part of this work, we formalized our Program Related Investment (P.R.I.) Fund, which allows us to expand the impact and scale of our grantmaking through low-interest loans. Rosa Benitez, Senior Program Officer, shared her perspective on the Foundation’s approach to P.R.I.s.

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