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Grants & Impact Investing


One of the Weingart Foundation’s core values is to use leverage and collaboration for greater impact. Through our day-to-day grantmaking, we work with nonprofit organizations as partners and key stakeholders. We also look for opportunities to initiate and join formal partnerships with other funders in order to further advance our shared goals. Below is a description of the Foundation’s current partnerships.

Bold Vision 2028

Bold Vision 2028 is a multi-sector effort to build a 10-year plus initiative that aims to fundamentally and positively improve the lives of a generation of children and youth of color in Los Angeles County by 2028. Guided by a community council of nonprofit leaders, this initiative is meant to establish a new path and trajectory towards success for all young people regardless of their race or where they live. The 2028 hosting of the Olympic and ParaOlympic Games in L.A. inspired philanthropic leaders to find a way to leverage this historic moment to do something bold that results in dramatic, lasting change in our community. The initiative in currently engaged in a comprehensive process that mobilizes leaders across Los Angeles to define specific policy and systems change priorities. Led by the Advancement Project, an ongoing stakeholder engagement process will culminate in a research-based framework and corresponding set of policy and strategy recommendations.

California Executive Roundtable

A number of California funders left the Weingart Foundation’s 2017 Achieving Equity convening committed to systematically come together around a shared vision of justice and opportunity. In 2017, the Foundation formally created the California Executive Roundtable: a group of 16 foundation leaders from across the state focused on sharing best practices and taking aligned action to advance equity. The Roundtable launched in 2018.

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color

The California Funders for Boys and Men of Color brings together C.E.O.s from the state’s leading philanthropic institutions to shape a better future for boys and men of color—and for California. This partnership aligns the resources, networks and voices of California’s foundations with the goal of improving opportunities for African American, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander and Native American boys and young men. Together with business and policy leaders, we are working to build momentum, public will and policy attention so that California’s boys and men of color are sufficiently prepared to begin school and learn, earning high school diplomas, facing less arrests, convictions and recidivism, graduating from college, and securing meaningful and stable careers.

Committee for a Greater Los Angeles

As communities respond to the COVID-19 crisis, a new foundation-inspired effort will inform the roadmap for a just recovery. The Committee for a Greater Los Angeles is a collaboration between philanthropy, nonprofits, business, labor, Los Angeles City and County, other L.A. cities and researchers from U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. The committee will issue key data regarding disparate impacts in vulnerable communities, identify critical issues, and make recommendations for action.

Foster Together Network

Begun in 2017, the Foster Together Network is a group of Los Angeles County-based government agencies, foundations, foster family agencies, and faith-based organizations which have launched an effort to boost the county’s foster care capacity and help more children receive better care. Following the collective impact model, the network is working together to strengthen the recruitment and retention of resource families by further engaging the multi-sector collaborative to improve the County’s systemic infrastructure, increase stakeholder coordination, and spread effective recruitment, support and retention strategies. The Weingart Foundation was a founding member of the group and actively participates in the steering committee.

Home For Good

Led by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Home For Good is an initiative of over 30 public and private funders to invest in permanent solutions to homelessness in LA County. Through this initiative, the Home For Good Funders Collaborative has collectively committed more than $33.5 million in philanthropic funds, which has leveraged over $1 billion in public resources to date. These funds have been used to provide permanent supportive housing to thousands of chronically homeless individuals in L.A. County. As a member of this Collaborative, The Weingart Foundation has been a supporter of the initiative since 2011.

L.A. n Sync

Founded in 2012 and housed at the California Community Foundation, L.A. n Sync is a partnership that brings together Greater Los Angeles’ academic, civic, nonprofit, business and philanthropic sectors to pursue major national funding opportunities. Its focus on collective action works to position Los Angeles as one of the nation’s most compelling destinations for investment.

Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (N.S.I.) is a funder collaborative of 12 foundations that was cofounded by the Weingart Foundation in 2012 and supports the cost of consultant-led facilitation of strategic restructuring negotiations between two or more organizations. N.S.I. has supported over 100 nonprofits engaged in partnership negotiations resulting in a number of completed collaborations and mergers. N.S.I. funding is currently available for organizations ready to move into structured discussions aimed at developing a strategic partnership (e.g. administrative consolidation, program consolidation, mergers). To apply for N.S.I. funding, and for more information, visit the California Community Foundation website.

Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy

The Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy is comprised of foundation presidents who are committed to disability inclusion as part of improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within philanthropy. Our goal is to champion and elevate disability inclusion, power, and approaches for disability inclusion in philanthropy. The Council established the Disability Inclusion Fund, a $10 million, five-year fund that supports U.S. groups run by and for disabled people to lead transformational change. This donor collaborative fund is housed at Borealis Philanthropy.