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June 2015 News

President’s Message from Fred Ali
Shifting the Paradigm Around Funding Nonprofit Organizations

In his new President’s Message, Fred Ali shares his perspective on how nonprofit performance is often hindered by the rules and practices of funders. These include restrictions on providing multi-year unrestricted funding, and limitations on supporting necessary administrative costs. He also highlights the Foundation’s continued commitment to two important initiatives — the Nonprofit Overhead Project and The Real Cost Project. These initiatives have the potential to significantly improve how government agencies and private philanthropy support nonprofit organizations, with an eye toward greater effectiveness and sustainability. To read Fred’s Message, click here.

Vice President’s Message from Belen Vargas
Announcing the FY 2016 Program Plan

I am pleased to share Weingart Foundation’s FY 2016 Program Plan, which outlines our strategic grantmaking priorities for the coming fiscal year and continues to prioritize Unrestricted Operating Support as our primary grant program. In the Plan, our Board of Directors also revised our mission statement to better reflect our practice, and added a new tagline, “We serve the underserved.” Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for Foundation funding are encouraged to first review the new Program Plan for context regarding our grant guidelines. To read the FY 2016 Program Plan, click here.

Update on the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

Created in 2012, the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI) is a foundation collaborative working to support Los Angeles nonprofit organizations interested in exploring and pursuing strategic restructuring efforts that lead to greater organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The initiative has received widespread interest from the nonprofit community. To date, NSI has awarded 24 partnerships involving 63 organizations with grants to support the cost of partnership negotiations. Three new application deadlines have been set for the coming fiscal year. For an update on NSI, including what we are learning from the initiative so far, click here.

A Special Interview with Outgoing Board Member Steven D. Broidy

On June 30, 2015, Steven D. Broidy will retire from the Weingart Foundation Board of Directors after 24 years of service. Steve has been a deeply engaged and thoughtful board member, and we have greatly valued his leadership. Among Steve's many important roles, he served as Chair of the Board for five years and chaired the investment committee for 11 years. Given his tenure with the Foundation, we interviewed Steve to hear his reflections on our history, values and grantmaking. Please click here to watch a short video of the interview.