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Grantmaking Trends and Statistics

F.Y. 2017 Grantmaking Report

With the announcement of our equity commitment in August 2016, F.Y. 2017 marked a year of transition for the Weingart Foundation. The F.Y. 2017 Program Plan outlined initial steps toward realizing our equity commitment while maintaining many of our longstanding priorities. As a result of that and having started the year with many applications already in the pipeline, F.Y. 2017 grantmaking was largely a continuation of the previous fiscal year’s grant strategies, with some variation reflecting our evolution toward equity. A review of F.Y. 2017 grantmaking data demonstrates that the Foundation’s Program Plan was effective in directing resources in ways that reflect this intentional shift. [Read the report]

F.Y. 2016 Grantmaking Snapshot

In F.Y. 2016, the Weingart Foundation made 320 grants totaling $31.4 million. Of these, 77% of grant dollars were for unrestricted operating support, which nonprofit organizations used primarily to strengthen their infrastructure for fund development and diversification, board and staff development, and service delivery and expansion. This snapshot of our F.Y. 2016 grantmaking outlines our funding for the year. [Read the report]

F.Y. 2016 Learning and Assessment Summary

The Weingart Foundation began implementation of its Learning and Assessment framework in F.Y. 2016. For all Unrestricted Operating Support grants awarded that year, our program officers began to systematically document their assessment of grantees across nine functional areas of organizational effectiveness. This data will serve as the baseline against which we will begin to track changes in grantee capacity over time. [Read the report]