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Unrestricted Operating Support Grants (over $25,000) – Grantee Survey

Learning has always been a core organizational value of the Weingart Foundation. Our Learning and Assessment Framework is designed to comprehensively and systemically understand and assess how the Foundation’s unrestricted grants contribute to strengthening organizational effectiveness. The basis of this framework aligns with our goal to improve the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, collaboratives and coalitions working to advance racial, social and economic equity.

At the close of an Unrestricted Operating Support (UOS) grant, the executive directors of grantee organizations will be asked to complete a 45-60 minute online survey in lieu of a final report. The survey will ask grantees to self-assess their organizational effectiveness and report on progress made toward their organizational goals as set forth in the original application, including any changes to those goals during the course of the grant.

Program officers will review the survey and engage grantees in an in-depth conversation via phone to discuss survey responses. After the call, program officers will complete a close-out assessment to capture changes across the seven areas of organizational effectiveness. There is no interim report required for UOS grants.

The insights and information we gain from this framework will be used to improve our practice as a funder, and we believe will ultimately benefit grantees and those they serve. We also hope to contribute to the more widespread adoption of unrestricted funding by the philanthropic field at-large.

Unrestricted Operating Support grants ($25,000 and under)

For grants of $25,000 and under, organizations will be asked to submit a brief final report at the end of the grant period.

Special Opportunity Fund Grants

We typically ask for progress reports during a Special Opportunity grant (including Capital grants), and a final report at the end of the grant period. Specific deadlines and instructions are outlined in each organization’s grant agreement.

Online Portal for Grant Reports

The Foundation adopted a new online system in 2017 that allows us to send and receive grantee reports. In order for us to make reports available, grantees will first need to establish a new user account (see below). Once the account is created, please notify Angela Carr, grants manager. When the user account has been established the Foundation will make reports available approximately one month before they are due.

Please click on the button below to access our portal and create a new account.  

Online Grant Portal

For questions please contact Angela Carr, grants manager, at (213) 688-6314 or at acarr@weingartfnd.org.