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How do we apply for an Unrestricted Operating Support (U.O.S.) grant?

In order to expedite funding to our core partners at they respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the Foundation has suspended our practice of accepting unsolicited grant requests and instead are using an invitation-only process. We will make grants throughout the year, and focus on recent grantees. In addition, we have significantly shortened our grant application process to further expedite funding and reduce burden on nonprofits. For questions, please contact one of our program officers.

How does the Foundation decide what organizations to invite to apply for Unrestricted Operating Support?

While we have suspended our practice of accepting unsolicited applications this year, we continue to use the same guidelines and priorities to guide our pro-active decisions on what organizations to invite to apply. We are focusing on organizations that we have funded over the past several years that are strongly aligned with our goal to advance equity, as well as our strategies and priority funding areas.

Throughout the year, our program officers engage in a process of identifying community-based organizations throughout our five-county service area that have a demonstrated commitment to racial and socioeconomic justice, that are doing critical work to respond to the pandemic and to shape a just recovery, that are a key part of the ecosystem in their region or field. We are focused on communities of color disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and are particularly interested in organizations that are aligned with the Foundation’s Areas of Special Interest. Once an organization is invited to apply, the review process is streamlined and expedited.

While we have increased our grantmaking budget for the year, the demand for our funding greatly exceeds our capacity. This year’s invitation-only process is designed to allow us to provide faster support to core partners as they respond to the public health and economic crisis. At the same time, we welcome communication with nonprofits in order to inform and strengthen our strategies. Please feel free to contact one of our program officers with any questions, and to sign up for our newsletter for updates. To review a list of our recent grants and program related investments, please click here.

How do we apply for a Strategic Opportunity Fund grant?

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests to our Strategic Opportunity Fund. For questions, please contact Vy Nguyen, Director of Special Projects and Communications, or (213) 688-6319.

How do we apply for a Program Related Investment?

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for our Program Related Investment (P.R.I.) Fund. For questions, please contact Rosa Benitez, Director of Program Investments, at or (213) 688-6320.

What is your decision-making process once an application has been invited?

Once an application has been invited, our program staff engage in a conversation with the organization to understand more about their work, their infrastructure needs and goals, and how Weingart Foundation support would be useful. Our staff then engage in a discussion with one another to develop collective recommendations to our CEO and Board of Directors, which meets five times a year to make decisions regarding applications. Applicants should feel free to contact Foundation staff for information on the status of your request. However, communication with members of our Board of Directors is discouraged.


Where do I go to log into the grant portal?

The link to our grant portal is on our website page For Current Grantees. Organizations with active grants are able to use the portal to submit reports, and those that have been invited to apply are asked to do so through the portal. If you have been invited to apply for a grant or to fill out a grant report, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to access the portal.

Where do I go to get help?

We are here to help. For assistance regarding the portal, please contact Lupe Mejia, Grants Management Assistant, at or (213) 688-6310.

Can I print out the grant request or report prior to, during, or after filling it out?

Yes. You can print out the full grant request or report from the Review and Submit tab.

Can I start my grant request or report and come back to it later?

Yes. You can edit, save, and come back to your grant request or report as many times as you like before you submit it.

How can I edit or add information to my grant request or report after I’ve submitted it?

You will not be able to edit any information online after you submit your grant request or report. If you need to add information to or edit a grant request or report that you have already submitted, please contact Lupe Mejia, Grants Management Assistant, at or (213) 688-6310.

Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my request or report?

You will receive an immediate auto-response email confirming receipt of your grant request or report. If you do not receive one, you may want to check your spam folder.


Who do we contact with questions?

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are extending all reporting deadlines until further notice in an effort to reduce burden on grantees. For more information, please contact your program officer.

What are reporting requirements for grants?

For Unrestricted Operating Support (U.O.S.) grantees with award amounts over $50,000, we ask that executive directors complete a Grantee Survey at the end of the grant term and engage in a close-out phone conversation with their Foundation program officer in lieu of a final report. There are no interim reports required. For U.O.S. grantees with grants of $50,000 and under, reporting consists of one brief final report.
For project-based grants, we ask for periodic progress reports during the grant and when the grant period ends. Specific reporting requirements for each grant are described in the grant agreement.

All reporting forms will be made available through the Foundation’s grantmaking portal. Grantees will be notified when their forms are available to complete.

I have a grant report due but cannot find the report form. What do I do?

The Foundation utilizes an online system that allows us to send and receive grantee reports. In order for us to make reports available, grantees will first need to establish a new user account. Once created please notify Lupe Mejia, Grants Management Assistant, at or (213) 688-6310. When the user account has been established, the Foundation will make reports available approximately one month before they are due. To access our portal and create a new account, click here.


Who do we contact with questions?

Weingart Foundation program staff members are available to answer your questions about our grantmaking. Please feel free to contact our program staff by calling or emailing them directly. For general assistance call (213) 688-7799.

May we contact the Foundation’s Directors about a request?

Communication with members of our Board of Directors is discouraged.

My organization is not a current grantee. How do we let the Foundation know about our work?

If your organization is working to advance racial and socioeconomic justice in Southern California and you want to let us know about your work, please feel free to contact one of our program officers, sign up for our newsletter for updates, or add us to your newsletter. While we do not accept unsolicited requests for funding, we welcome communication with nonprofits, and we continuously learn from the field in order to inform our work.