November 2020 News

A Conversation with Fred Ali and Miguel A. Santana, the Weingart Foundation’s Incoming President and C.E.O.

This past September, we announced that our long-time President and C.E.O., Fred Ali, will be stepping down as head of the Weingart Foundation. Effective January 25, 2021, Fred will be succeeded by Miguel A. Santana, the recent President and C.E.O. of Fairplex and former City Administrative Officer of the City of Los Angeles.

With the new year around the corner, we wanted to give our partners and others in the nonprofit and philanthropic community across Southern California an opportunity to get to know Miguel. In this recent recorded conversation, Fred and Miguel explore Miguel’s background, his interest in working in philanthropy, and how he sees community voice shaping his new role.

To watch the 15-minute conversation, click here.

October 2020 News

Applications Now Being Accepted for the 2021 John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows Program

Deadline for Fellowship Applications: January 11, 2021

The Weingart Foundation is excited to launch the second cohort of the John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows program, designed to strengthen the network of next-generation social justice and racial equity leaders in Southern California. Twelve emerging leaders will be selected to engage in transformative leadership development training, peer learning and coaching over an 18-month period.

The idea for this program originated in March 2017, when our Foundation convened 170 philanthropic colleagues and nonprofit leaders for a day-long discussion on “Achieving Equity” in Southern California. Participants identified the need to develop, support and sustain leadership for movement building. The Foundation subsequently convened an advisory group of movement builders and commissioned a study to better understand the region’s leadership development infrastructure. Based on our learnings, the Weingart Foundation launched the John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows program, named after the late civic leader who began his lifelong social justice career as a student activist during the civil rights movement.

Applications are due by January 11, 2021 at 5 p.m. Fellows will be announced by early March 2021. For more information on the John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows program, including eligibility, selection criteria and how to apply, click here.

September 29, 2020 News

President and C.E.O. Fred Ali to Step Down from the Weingart Foundation

Miguel A. Santana Named as New C.E.O.

Fred Ali, President and C.E.O. of the Weingart Foundation, announced today that he will step down as head of the Foundation, effective January 2021.

“Fred is a one-of-a-kind leader who devotes himself to supporting the nonprofit community and has enhanced immeasurably both the field of philanthropy and the Weingart Foundation,” said Board Chair Aileen Adams. “Our Board is full of gratitude that Fred’s vision and commitment helped transform us into an organization laser-focused on racial equity and justice.”

The Foundation’s Board is also pleased to announce that Fred will be succeeded by Miguel A. Santana, the recent president and C.E.O. of Fairplex and former City Administrative Officer of the City of Los Angeles.

Click here to read the full announcement, along with messages from Aileen and Fred.

September 24, 2020 News

Justice for Breonna Taylor

By Fred Ali, President & C.E.O., and Joanna Jackson, Vice President, Programs

Breonna Taylor was a beloved daughter and an aspiring nurse. She was an award-winning E.M.T. During the pandemic, she worked in the E.R. as an essential worker. Her life was precious and irreplaceable, as were the lives of all the countless Black people who have been killed at the hands of law enforcement.

Yesterday, the Kentucky attorney general announced that no police officer will have to answer for her murder. We stand with Breonna’s family and with communities across the nation in outrage and grief. First and foremost, Breonna deserved to live. In her death, she and her family at least deserved justice.

This is a heavy time, and communities are holding so much. The Weingart Foundation is committed to meeting this racial justice moment by leveraging our resources and influence to advance sweeping systemic change. Earlier this month, our Board voted to increase our grantmaking budget this and next year by $16 million. These dollars will provide additional Unrestricted Operating Support to organizations driving change in impacted communities of color, support long-term power building infrastructure in Black communities, and advance the community-driven racial justice agendas of Bold Vision 2028 and the Committee for Greater L.A.

The vision of this nation as a multi-racial, multi-faith, participatory democracy based on caring and mutuality is not an impossible one. But it cannot be reached without addressing the deep-seated anti-Black racism that has been our history from the start, and that we see so painfully in the murder of Breonna Taylor.

September 11, 2020 News

Committee for Greater L.A.’s No Going Back Report Calls for Sweeping Systemic Change

In a groundbreaking report issued this week, No Going Back: Together for an Equitable and Inclusive Los Angeles, the Committee for Greater L.A. is proposing a sweeping regional agenda for systems change. Rooted in new data and analysis, the report attacks systemic racism at the root—identifying the policies and institutions that were designed to oppress, exclude and marginalize people of color for centuries—and lays out a roadmap for transformation centered in racial equity. Funded by philanthropy, the independent No Going Back report contains critically important data and context about how COVID lifted the veil of structural racism in Los Angeles; guiding principles to reinvent and reimagine a more equitable L.A.; and a policy blueprint for system change. Please click here to read the report and join us in making the #NoGoingBackLA promise, a pledge to build a more inclusive and equitable Los Angeles together.

Help Communities Access Federal Relief Dollars by Oct. 15, 2020

The Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides $1,200 to adults and $500 to children in refundable tax credits. However, low-income households that are not required to file income taxes must take additional action to receive their Economic Impact Payment (E.I.P.). Because of this additional action, an estimated 1-2 million low-income Californians are at risk of not receiving their E.I.P., equating to a loss of $1-2 billion in federal dollars. Nonprofit organizations can help connect communities to the I.R.S. online Non-Filer Form, which is available until October 15, 2020. For more information, click here to access the California Department of Social Service’s toolkit to support outreach to potentially eligible nonfilers.

August 2020 News

Announcing $4.2 million in new Unrestricted Operating Support grants

In July 2020, the Weingart Foundation awarded our first round of Unrestricted Operating Support (U.O.S.) grants for F.Y. 2021, funding 39 nonprofit organizations at a total of $4.2 million. These partners align strongly with our Foundation’s goal to advance racial and socioeconomic justice by providing critical direct services in communities of color and by building the power of people to change systems for the long haul.

The July U.O.S. grants span our five-county Southern California service area and include support for key place-based initiatives including the SELA Collaborative, low-wage workers’ centers like the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center, key homeless providers like the Downtown Women’s Center, and youth organizing groups like the Chispa Education Fund and Future Leaders of America. The Foundation is also committed to sustained support to address racism in all forms, with a focus on anti-Black racism. Black-led and serving partners include Congregations Organizations for Prophetic Engagement, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, and the Los Angeles Community Action Network.

In order to expedite funding to core partners as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the Foundation instituted an invitation-only approach and suspended our practice of accepting unsolicited grant proposals. While the process has changed, we continue to use the same guidelines and priorities to guide our proactive decisions on what organizations we invite to apply. We focus on organizations that we have funded over the past several years that are strongly aligned with our goal to advance equity, as well as our strategies and priority funding areas.

Moving forward, our grantmaking will continue to follow the strategies outlined in our F.Y. 2021 Program Plan, which was released in July. Over the course of the fiscal year we will award a total of $20 million in unrestricted funding, which is our primary strategy for supporting our nonprofit partners as they serve communities and work to sustain their organizational infrastructure in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

For a complete list of July U.O.S grants, click here.

Click here to watch a ten-minute interview with Joanna Jackson, our Vice President, Programs, regarding the Foundation’s current U.O.S. grantmaking approach.