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What We Are Learning

Capacity Building

PropelNext – Results on the Ground, 2017

PropelNext California is a joint funder initiative that helps organizations serving vulnerable and disadvantaged youth strengthen their program models and incorporate the use of data and evaluation for ongoing learning and improvement. Since 2012, PropelNext has worked with 30 nonprofits, and 13 from the first cohort completed the three-year program in 2015. Early results show PropelNext’s emphasis on infusing cultures with data-driven learning has taken root and is flourishing. [Read the report]

Lessons Learned from the Los Angeles Information Exchange Feasibility Study, 2013

In February 2012, nine funders in the Los Angeles region awarded a planning grant to a team of three capacity building providers to jointly explore the feasibility of developing and launching an Information Exchange – a robust, technology-based platform to connect nonprofits to appropriate capacity building services. At the conclusion of the feasibility study in the fall of 2012, the funders announced the decision not to move forward with a central capacity building initiative at this time. A summary of the factors that led to the decision not to proceed is included in this report. Significantly, the planning process helped to cultivate stronger relationships among the funders involved who remain committed to working more collaboratively to address the capacity building needs of nonprofit organizations in the region. [Read the report]

Our Commitment to Underserved Communities, 2012

Building the Capacity of Community-based Organizations in Underserved Communities

In 2008, Weingart Foundation developed an initiative with several components aimed at increasing our effectiveness in creating access, building capacity, and supporting leadership development among grassroots and minority-led organizations serving low-income communities throughout Southern California. This report details our grantmaking activities related to this initiative. [Read the report]