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Grants & Impact Investing

Areas of Special Interest

In our work to advance justice for all, the Weingart Foundation supports nonprofit organizations, collaboratives, and coalitions that provide critical services in communities, as well as those engaged in power building for systemic change. While we support a broad range of organizations throughout our five-county service area, we have also identified several Areas of Special Interest. In these Areas, we implement proactive and collaborative strategies to build towards racial and socioeconomic justice.

Geographic Areas of Special Interest

South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles is a vibrant community that is the cultural heart of Black Los Angeles and currently home to over 750,000 primarily Black and Latinx residents. South L.A. has experienced longstanding disinvestment and exclusion, resulting in deep inequities across educational, employment, housing, and health outcomes. At the same time, South L.A. nonprofits, youth, and families are making change and building on a powerful legacy of community action. We work in partnership with these leaders to support South L.A.’s nonprofit ecosystems, with our key strategies focused supporting anchor organizations, key service providers, and power builders as they work to transform unjust systems.

Southeast Los Angeles

The southeast portion of Los Angeles County is one of the most economically and culturally distinct regions in Southern California. About 700,000 people reside in the Southeast Los Angeles communities, the large majority of them Latinx. Nonprofit leaders in the region have come together to develop a shared long-term vision for the region and to amplify residents’ voice in the decisions that affect them. The Foundation aligns our work with the Southeast Los Angeles (S.E.L.A.) Collaborative Strategic Plan and supports its implementation. This includes support for the S.E.L.A. Collaborative’s infrastructure as well as funding key organizations within or aligned to the S.E.L.A. Collaborative.

For questions about our work in South L.A. or Southeast L.A., please contact Eric Medina, Program Officer, at emedina@weingartfnd.org or (213) 688-6316.

Issue Areas of Special Interest

Housing and Homelessness

With the region grappling with an unprecedented homelessness crisis as well as some of the country’s highest housing costs, communities of color are being impacted particularly hard. We partner with organizations toward the vision where every Southern Californian has a safe and affordable home. Key strategies include supporting the development of affordable and permanent supportive housing, providing critical safety net services, preventing people from falling into homelessness, and increasing advocacy efforts that will lead to needed systems change and advance racial justice. For questions, contact Vy Nguyen, Director of Special Projects and Communications, at vnguyen@weingartfnd.org or (213) 688-6319.

Immigrant/Refugee Rights and Integration

Southern California has long been a confluence of diverse communities and cultures, which has driven the region’s vibrancy and economic growth. Yet immigrants and refugees have long faced exclusion and exploitation largely based on race and income level. We partner with organizations that work with these communities to protect and secure their own rights, as well as to build a region of full inclusion and belonging for all. Key strategies include support for community organizing, safety net services, and legal services, including the L.A. Justice Fund. For questions, contact Vy Nguyen, Director of Special Projects and Communications, at vnguyen@weingartfnd.org or (213) 688-6319.

Strengthening Nonprofit Effectiveness

Nonprofit organizations play a critical role in our society, as changemakers, safety net providers, and employers. Yet too many are under-capitalized, especially those led by and working in communities of color. We believe that we can only make real progress toward justice when communities have the robust infrastructure and capacity needed to fully unleash their power. The Foundation supports nonprofit capacity building through a number of targeted efforts, including those focused on organizations and leaders of color. For information on the “beyond the grant” support we provide, read this Q&A with Vera de Vera, Director, John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows Program.

We also work to promote full-cost funding and improved grantmaking and contracting practices from philanthropy and government, working with partners including Philanthropy California, Southern California Grantmakers, the California Association of Nonprofits, and Los Angeles County. We are currently supporting efforts to pilot a new process to allow nonprofit contractors to negotiate indirect cost rates with the L.A. County.

For questions, contact Vera de Vera, Director, John W. Mack Movement Building Fellows Program, at vdera@weingartfnd.org (213) 688-6313.