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Special Initiatives

Understanding the Full Cost of Social Impact: A Funder + Grantee Pilot (2016)
The Weingart Foundation (WF), in partnership with the California Community Foundation (CCF) and Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), has begun undertaking an effort to promote funding for nonprofits that reflects the full cost of service delivery. A key strategy in this initiative is to support skills building for nonprofit executives and funders to allow them to accurately account for full costs, clearly identify those costs, and discuss funding mechanisms that allow nonprofits to receive funding that takes those costs into account. To implement this strategy, WF, CCF and NFF developed the Full Cost Funder/Grantee Pilot. This report summarizes the findings of Harder+Company’s evaluation of the pilot and elevates considerations for the future implementation and scaling of this and similar initiatives. [Read the report]

An Update on the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, 2015

Created in early 2012, the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI) is a foundation collaborative working to support Los Angeles nonprofit organizations interested in exploring and pursuing strategic restructuring efforts that lead to greater organizational effectiveness and efficiency. In its first round of funding, NSI awarded 18 partnerships involving 46 organizations with grants to support the cost of partnership negotiations. For the second cohort, three application deadlines have been set for the coming fiscal year. [Read the report]

Evaluation of the Weingart Foundation’s Developmental Disabilities Initiative, 2011

Preliminary Findings
Weingart Foundation contracted with independent evaluator LFA Group to design and implement an evaluation of our Developmental Disabilities Initiative (DDI). LFA Group designed a qualitative evaluation that aims to capture key lessons about how funders can support effective capacity building. [Read the report]

Urban Public School Districts Initiative, 2011

This article reports on results from Weingart Foundation’s Urban School Districts Reform Initiative. The goal of the initiative was to improve urban education, and ultimately raise student achievement, by supporting sustainable reforms in school districts educating high numbers of low-income students. [Read the report]