Message from Fred Ali, President & CEO:
New Immigration Proposal Harms Children and Families

Fred Ali Picture

A new proposal by the administration to drastically limit legal immigration could hurt millions of children and families across the country. In this pending rule change, a person applying for a green card or visa could be denied if they access any one of a range of safety-net programs, including food, health care programs and housing assistance. The grave likelihood is that hunger, illness, child poverty and homelessness will increase, as people will be afraid to access critical services. It is important to note that as of today no changes have been made to this policy. The federal government is currently taking public comments on the proposed change, and advocates are fighting back.

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Introducing the FY 2019 and FY 2020 Program Plan

We are excited to share the Weingart Foundation’s Program Plan for FY 2019 and FY 2020. In the two years since the Foundation announced our full commitment to equity, our work has continued to evolve and deepen. We seek to strengthen the organizational effectiveness of nonprofits that provide critical services as well as those engaged in advocacy, community organizing, and movement building. We prioritize our resources for those organizations, collaboratives, and coalitions working in underserved communities of color that are impacted by persistent poverty.

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