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Perspectives from Weingart Foundation

Weingart Foundation is pleased to periodically present articles, blogs and other perspectives from members of our staff. We believe these communications will offer valuable insights into our work and priorities, as we continue to address the needs of the communities we serve.

Lessons Learned from our Small Grant Program
Vy Nguyen, Program Director

Small nonprofits typically access Weingart Foundation funding through our Small Grant Program (SGP), where we make grants of $25,000 and under to organizations with annual operating budgets under $1 million, focusing on small, community-based, and developing organizations serving low income communities. Our goal is to increase access to institutional funding for these groups and help strengthen their capacity. As a point of comparison, grants in our Regular Grant Program are typically $150,000 or over and go to larger organizations.

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Unrestricted Core Support: Strengthening the Capacity of Our Nonprofit Sector

Fred Ali, President & CEO, and Belen Vargas, Vice President, Grant Operations, jointly authored a blog post which appears on the Foundation Center’s Grantcraft website. The blog focuses on Weingart Foundation’s transition to core support grantmaking and highlights the importance of providing unrestricted funding to build and strengthen the infrastructure nonprofits need to deliver effective programs.

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A Call to Action for Funders

The following is a post that Fred Ali, President & CEO, sent to a listserve for funders that are members of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) on September 30, 2013. The post addresses the importance of funding the full cost of nonprofits’ work, and philanthropy’s role in confronting the “overhead myth.” Weingart Foundation will be working to bring local nonprofits and funders together to engage in this important conversation. Click here to read more.