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Our Grantmaking


One of the Weingart Foundation’s core values is to use leverage and collaboration for greater impact. Through our day-to-day grantmaking, we work with nonprofit organizations as partners and key stakeholders. We also look for opportunities to initiate and join formal partnerships with other funders in order to further advance our shared goals. Below is a description of the Foundation’s current partnerships. 


Formally started in 2009, Annenberg Foundation’s Alchemy Program brings together nonprofit leaders in an extensive training program that works to shift the way nonprofit executives and board members serve their organizations. By investing in both the staff and board leadership of nonprofits, Alchemy supports these organizations’ ability to deliver high quality services to the region’s most vulnerable constituents. The Weingart Foundation sponsors an Alchemy participant annually with a capacity building grant of up to $10,000 upon successful completion of the program. The Foundation also participates in Alchemy Gold, a network of 17 regional grantmakers that gathers quarterly to learn, share and strategize about practices that strengthen the nonprofit sector of Los Angeles. Partners learn from experts in capacity building around such key issues as fundraising, leadership development, and board governance. The network also engages in facilitated conversations and identifies best practices, methodologies, and tactics to increase the sector’s effectiveness and impact in the community. For more information, visit the Alchemy website.

Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunity for Men (BLOOM)

Led by the California Community Foundation (CCF), BLOOM is a $5 million, five-year initiative that seeks to create a more positive and productive future for 4-18-year-old Black males living in South Los Angeles who are, or have been, under the supervision of the L.A. County Probation Department. With grants and other assistance through CCF, and support and involvement by other foundations, businesses, schools, colleges, groups and concerned individuals, BLOOM invests in community-based organizations that provide programs and services focused on academic and/or vocational advancement and the creation of a jobs pipeline. The Weingart Foundation has supported BLOOM with  $500,000 in grants  since 2012. To learn more about BLOOM, visit the CCF website.

Home For Good

Led by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Home For Good is an initiative to invest in permanent solutions to homelessness in LA County. Through this initiative, the Home For Good Funders Collaborative was established by, and is made up of, a group of public and private partners who have come together to support this effort. Launched in 2011, the Funders Collaborative has leveraged more than $650 million in private funding and public resources to date. These funds have been used to provide permanent supportive housing to thousands of chronically homeless individuals in LA County. As a member of the Collaborative, the Weingart Foundation has made $4 million in grants since 2011 in support of this initiative. For additional information, visit the United Way website.

LA n Sync

Founded in 2012 and housed at the California Community Foundation, LA n Sync is an evolving partnership that brings together Greater Los Angeles’ academic, civic, nonprofit, business and philanthropic sectors to pursue major national funding opportunities. Its focus on collective action works to position Los Angeles as one of the nation’s most compelling destinations for investment. The purpose of LA n Sync is to improve community life for all Angelenos – especially those in need. The Weingart Foundation participates as an active member of LA n Sync’s Bell Commission, a volunteer leadership council drawn from all sectors. The Commission creates special task forces to pursue recommended funding opportunities and develops the strategies that will support applicants. For more information, including funding opportunities and criteria for support, visit the LA n Sync website.

Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI) is a funder collaborative of 12 foundations that was cofounded by the Weingart Foundation in 2012 and supports the cost of consultant-led facilitation of strategic restructuring negotiations between two or more organizations. Funding is also available for one-time implementation and integration costs after the completion of negotiations. NSI has supported over 100 nonprofits engaged in partnership negotiations resulting in a number of completed collaborations and mergers. NSI funding is currently available for organizations ready to move into structured discussions aimed at developing a strategic partnership (e.g. administrative consolidation, program consolidation, mergers). To apply for NSI funding, and for more information, visit the California Community Foundation website.

PropelNext California Initiative

The California PropelNext capacity building initiative is a three year funder collaborative that aims to improve the outcomes of at-risk youth. The collaborative consists of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Sobrato Family Foundation and the Weingart Foundation. The initiative is working with a cohort of 15 California youth-serving nonprofit organizations (six in Weingart’s service area) to develop the mastery to use and apply data for ongoing learning and improvement. The California PropelNext Initiative integrates the following five strategies: unrestricted, grants, group learning sessions, individualized coaching, performance management, and the building of a peer network. To learn more, visit the PropelNext website.