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November 2016 News

Q&A with Fred Ali on Race, Diversity and Cultural Competence

Recently, the Weingart Foundation has increasingly highlighted issues related to race, diversity and cultural competence. For example, as part of the Foundation’s announcement regarding our full and long-term commitment to equity, we explicitly identify race and ethnicity—in addition to poverty—as critical factors impacting communities facing the greatest obstacles to opportunity. In addition, last year the Foundation added questions about diversity (as broadly defined) as well as cultural competence to our grant application.

Why are we lifting up race, diversity and cultural competence, and what does the increased attention to these issues mean for our grantmaking and for grantees? Our president and CEO, Fred Ali, sat down to explore this topic with Hellen Hong, executive director of Southern California Region of First Place for Youth. Hellen asked Fred some of the questions her peers—current and future Weingart grantees—may have about why Weingart is elevating the issues of race, diversity, and cultural competence and what the Foundation’s commitment to equity means for them. Click here to read highlights from their conversation.