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Our Grantmaking

How to Apply

Please thoroughly review the Weingart Foundation’s grant guidelines before applying. Applying to the Foundation involves a two-step process beginning with submitting a letter of inquiry (LOI). If the request meets the Foundation’s priorities and interests, the applicant will be provided with the instructions and forms to prepare and submit a full application. The Foundation accepts LOIs at any time with no deadlines. It typically takes four weeks for an LOI to be reviewed.

Letter of Inquiry

Unrestricted Operating Support (UOS) is the Foundation’s primary vehicle for support. Organizations interested in UOS funding may submit an LOI for review. To see a sample UOS LOI, click here.

NOTE: To manage unprecedented demand for UOS funding, we are tightening our grantmaking criteria. Click here for more information.

Organizations interested in submitting an LOI for the Special Opportunity Fund should contact a member of our program staff.

All letters of inquiry must be submitted through the Foundation’s online Grant Portal. Since we have moved to an online system, all applicants will need to create a new user account before being able to log-in and complete an LOI. If you have any questions please contact Angela Carr, grants manager, at acarr@weingartfnd.org or (213) 688-6314.

Instructions for online LOI submissions:

  1. Create a New User account on the online Grant Portal
  2. Select "Explore Grant Opportunities"
  3. Select the letter of inquiry you would like to complete

We’re piloting a new letter of inquiry (LOI) and application process to see if we can further streamline our process for nonprofits. Applying through this pilot involves completing a GuideStar profile if you don’t already have one. Participation is completely optional and will have no impact on the outcome of your request or the time it will take for the Foundation to review your LOI and application. To learn more about this pilot LOI/application process, click here.

Program Related Investments

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for our Program Related Investment Fund. If organizations would like to discuss a potential project, they should contact Rosa Benitez, senior program officer, at rbenitez@weingartfnd.org or (213) 688-6320.


For additional information please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of the web site. Inquiries to the program staff are welcome. Given the large number of requests, it is difficult to schedule in-person meetings, and phone calls and email inquiries are preferred.