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FY 2019 & FY 2020

Program Strategies Overview

Our FY 2019 and FY 2020 Program Plan describes in depth the Weingart Foundation’s equity commitment and strategies, and provides a roadmap for the Foundation’s work. Below is an overview of the Program Plan strategies, which we believe will allow the Foundation to best support historically under-resourced individuals and communities in reaching their full potential. The links below will take you to specific grant guidelines and information on how to apply for each grant opportunity.

Funding Opportunities

Unrestricted Operating Support

The Foundation maintains Unrestricted Operating Support (UOS) as our primary grant strategy to strengthen the long-term capacity and effectiveness of nonprofits and collaboratives advancing racial, social and economic justice.

Program Related Investments

The Foundation will extend beyond our grantmaking by using Program Related Investments (low-interest loans) to bring additional nonprofit resources to under-resourced communities.

Special Opportunity Fund

We will maintain flexibility to respond to special and unforeseen challenges and opportunities through a Special Opportunities Fund.

Areas of Special Interest

In addition to funding throughout Southern California in the areas of human services, health and education, the Weingart Foundation prioritizes the following geographic and issue areas in order to amplify our impact in advancing equity:

Geographic Areas of Focus

The Foundation seeks to strengthen and increase nonprofit resources in historically under-resourced communities of color. High priority will be given to the Southeast cities of Los Angeles County and South Los Angeles.

Special Issue Areas

We will focus greater resources in the following areas: immigrant integration, housing for homeless and low-income individuals, the 2020 Census, youth organizing, and leadership for movement building.

Our Role

Leadership, Voice, and Influence

The Weingart Foundation exercises leadership to strengthen nonprofit effectiveness—for example by advocating for full-cost funding and improving government contracting practices with nonprofits. We also co-lead collective and cross-sector efforts to create a shared vision to advance equity, including the California Executive Roundtable on Philanthropy and Equity, and the Equity Cross-Sector Workgroup.

The full FY 2019 and FY 2020 Program Plan can be found here.

President’s Message   Program Strategies Overview   Grant Guidelines