Together for justice

FY2014 Grant Plan Assumptions

Regarding the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Environment

  • In general, demand will continue to strain the capacity of most nonprofit service providers, and particularly those serving low-income and underserved communities.
  • Growth in individual, corporate, and foundation giving will be minimal.
  • Nonprofit organizations who lack access to wealthy donors and have limited fundraising capacity will continue to struggle. This is particularly true for small to mid-sized human service organizations who do not have well established private fundraising programs.
  • Government funding, which declined for many Weingart Foundation grantees in 2012, will remain uncertain and challenging for the foreseeable future.
  • Limited cash operating reserves continues to restrict the ability of many nonprofits to withstand unplanned funding reductions, build organizational and fundraising capacity, and invest in new program strategies.
  • Increased support for activities that strengthen nonprofit performance and impact (capacity building) will remain a critical need for most Weingart Foundation grantees. The need to address financial management, fund development, and adaptive capacity is particularly important.
  • When combined with strong leadership and management, providing unrestricted, multi-year core operating support is one of the most effective ways to build nonprofit organizational capacity. Core Support grants provide the “working capital” nonprofits need to sustain and improve their operations, and necessary infrastructure.
  • Weingart Foundation grantees strive to demonstrate:
    • A sustainable mission and vision
    • An engaged and supportive board of directors
    • Strong leadership and management
    • A well trained and supported staff
    • A strategy to accomplish its mission, operate high-impact programs, and learn from results
    • The ability to identify and adapt to internal and external changes
    • A funding model that can support core programs and services
    • An appropriate level of cash reserves to sustain the organization

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