We server the underserved


This July the Weingart Foundation will release our FY 2019 & 2020 Program Strategies – a comprehensive roadmap that will guide our work in advancing social and economic justice over the course of the next two fiscal years. We base our strategies in large part on listening and learning from the nonprofit sector. Over the past six months we’ve engaged with hundreds of nonprofits seeking support to strengthen their organizations and also held a number of listening sessions with dozens of nonprofit leaders from across the region. We’ve distilled our learnings into a set of key draft assumptions about the nonprofit landscape and how we plan to approach our work over the next two years. Once finalized, these assumptions will guide the development of our FY 2019 and 2020 Program Strategies.


Our continuous listening and learning from the nonprofit sector reveals that organizations are facing increased challenges in meeting the demand for services in their communities, which is stretching their resources and capacity. Community needs will continue to grow given the impending threats to immigrants, increasing homelessness and funding reductions in government social safety net programs.   

Moreover, and as described in the Equity Profile of the Los Angeles Region, income inequality continues to rise, as does racial, economic and neighborhood disparities. Nonprofit leaders have advised us that our equity strategies aimed at strengthening organizations, coalitions and collaboratives working with the most vulnerable in our communities is the right approach. In particular, nonprofits stress the importance of our multi-year unrestricted operating support, since it provides organizations with flexible funding to meet increased demand in services, strengthen key capacity and infrastructure needs, and respond to unforeseen challenges and opportunities. 

We welcome your feedback on these draft assumptions. For example, are our findings consistent with your organization’s experience, or do you have a different perspective? Are there major trends or factors that are missing? To share with us your thoughts and reactions on the draft program plan assumptions, click here.

FY 2019 & 2020 Draft Assumptions

The environment:

  • Pervasive poverty and inequality continue to hold Southern California back
  • Underserved communities of color disproportionately bear the impact of social and economic inequity
  • Changes in federal policies have created a sense of fear and insecurity
  • The current political climate has led many organizations to be optimistic about opportunities to organize and advocate for social justice

As a result, the Weingart Foundation will pursue strategies that:

  • Prioritize funding for organizations working to advance equity
  • Prioritize unrestricted operating support and other resources to build organizational capacity and effectiveness
  • Work with public and private partners
  • Use our voice and influence to increase fairness and inclusion, and expand opportunities for those facing the most obstacles to opportunity