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April 2016 News

Vice President’s Message From Belen Vargas:
New Weingart Foundation Program Plan Assumptions for FY 2017

The Weingart Foundation continually works to ensure that our grantmaking programs, practices and policies are responding to and supporting the priority needs, challenges and opportunities of our grantees and the communities they serve.

As we plan our grantmaking strategy for FY 2017, we see growing signs of inequity in the availability and quality of services for our most vulnerable people and communities. During our listening sessions with nonprofits, we frequently hear comments and concerns that Southern California is increasingly being divided into separate and unequal places.

Based on these realities, our preliminary FY 2017 Program Plan Assumptions have a strong focus on advancing social and economic equity. These Assumptions will be used to develop and prioritize our grantmaking strategies for the coming fiscal year and guide the development of our FY 2017 Program Plan, which will be released and shared on our website this summer. To read the preliminary FY 2017 Program Plan Assumptions and to send us your comments and reactions, click here.

Temporary Hold on New Small Grant Program Applications

Our Small Grant Program focuses on increasing access to funding and strengthening the capacity of small, community-based, and developing organizations. As the Foundation continues to plan our FY 2017 grantmaking strategy, we expect changes to the Small Grant Program guidelines that will continue to refine our focus in order to have greater impact on the most vulnerable individuals and communities in our region. Therefore, during this planning period, we will not be accepting new grant applications to the Small Grant Program. Applications that have already been submitted (as of April 13, 2016) will be reviewed according to our current guidelines, process and timeline. Our updated Small Grant Program guidelines will be part of our FY 2017 Program Plan, which we will announce in July 2016. We understand that many nonprofits are interested in accessing Small Grant funds and appreciate your patience during this time.

Nonprofits, Leadership and Race Survey

The Building Movement Project is conducting a national survey on Nonprofits, Leadership and Race. Open to anyone working in the nonprofit sector, this confidential survey poses questions to individuals about their experiences and perspectives on diversity in the sector. Responses will help researchers understand the supports and barriers that nonprofit staff face as they increase their leadership. The survey includes a focus on how people’s identities (particularly race and ethnicity, but also gender, sexuality, etc.) impact their experiences and perspectives. We encourage those in the nonprofit sector to complete the survey, which will take approximately 20 minutes, by going to