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April 2013 News

April 2013 President’s Message

The new President’s Message, now on the Weingart Foundation home page, highlights our preliminary list of key FY 2014 Grant Plan Assumptions related to the environment that the nonprofit and philanthropic community will be operating in over the next 12-18 months. These Assumptions will be used to develop and prioritize our grantmaking strategies for the coming year, and form the basis of our FY 2014 Grant Plan.

These Assumptions were developed as part of a comprehensive process over this past year that included reaching out to more than 50 nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to explore the opportunities and challenges facing our sector. We found that, while some organizations have adjusted to the realities of the economy and developed strategies to continue to grow or maintain core programs and services, other organizations continue to struggle with funding reductions and uncertainties.

Click here to read the complete President’s Message.

Lessons Learned From the Los Angeles Information Exchange Feasibility Study

Weingart Foundation is pleased to share the summary report of the lessons learned from the Los Angeles Information Exchange Feasibility Study.

In February 2012, nine funders in the Los Angeles region awarded a planning grant to a team of three capacity building providers to jointly explore the feasibility of developing and launching an Information Exchange – a robust, technology-based platform to connect nonprofits to appropriate capacity building services.

At the conclusion of the feasibility study in the fall of 2012, the funders announced the decision not to move forward with a central capacity building initiative at this time. A summary of the factors that led to the decision not to proceed is included in the report. However, the planning process helped to cultivate stronger relationships among the funders involved who remain committed to working more collaboratively to address the capacity building needs of nonprofit organizations in the region. The planning process also provided many lessons which are outlined in the report.

We present the findings and recommendations in this report to serve as a potential springboard for other communities that are seeking new ways to build a more durable and sustainable nonprofit sector capable of addressing the pressing challenges in our communities.

Click here to view the complete report on the lessons and recommendations that emerged from the Information Exchange feasibility study.

San Diego Small Grant Program Application Deadline

The Foundation’s FY 2014 application deadline for the San Diego County Small Grant Program has been set. The next application deadline is August 9, 2013.

Click here for the complete San Diego County Small Grant Program funding guidelines including instructions for the online application.