Leadership in the Nonprofit And Philanthropic Sectors

The Weingart Foundation will exercise leadership on issues that advance social and economic equity, and strengthen and support the ability of nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions and desired outcomes. Listed below our current strategies in these areas.

Advancing Equity

  • Engage nonprofits and community members in dialogue and partnership to continue to learn and hear directly what is needed most.
  • Use our voice and convening power to address social and economic inequities that continue to make Southern California more divided and disparate.
  • Engage in and support policy and advocacy that will result in meaningful policy and systems change that will advance fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for those most impacted by persistent poverty.
  • Advocate for support of programs, policies, and services that support the needs of individuals and communities facing the greatest obstacles, including support of advocacy and community organizing.
  • Sponsor a convening in the spring 2017 to bring grantees and their communities together with some of the region’s leading thinkers in order to co-create a shared vision of equity and begin to advance that vision. 
  • Use data to better understand disparities in outcomes and resources and identify areas of particular need.

Supporting Organizational Effectiveness

  • Participate in and provide support for activities of field building organizations working to improve nonprofit and philanthropic effectiveness.
  • Support efforts to change and improve government and private funder practices that limit nonprofit organizational effectiveness. This includes:
    • Advocating for the wider adoption of unrestricted funding and full cost funding approaches;
    • Encouraging public and private funders to engage in open and transparent conversations and create policies and practices that support full cost funding for nonprofit organizations;
    • Improving nonprofit government contracting practices and policies;
    • Continuing to build public and private partnerships that leverage impact and support broader systems change; and
    • Making grant application and reporting processes commensurate to the size of the grant.
  • Encourage funders to adopt ongoing and transparent communication practices with applicants and grantees, including a process to obtain nonprofit feedback to help inform funder’s grantmaking programs and strategies.