Our mission
is to build a better
Southern California by
supporting nonprofit
organizations to more
effectively serve the

President’s Message:
Shifting the Paradigm Around Funding Nonprofit Organizations

It seems obvious that the effectiveness of a foundation’s grantmaking or a government agency’s contracting is tied to the nonprofit agency ultimately delivering the desired program or services. But we also know that nonprofit performance is often held back by the rules and practices of funders. This includes restrictions on supporting multi-year unrestricted funding, and limitations on supporting necessary administrative costs. In FY 2016, Weingart Foundation will continue to support two important initiatives that have the potential to significantly impact the way in which government agencies and private philanthropy support nonprofit organizations. To read more, click here.

Fred Ali
President & CEO


Vice President’s Message:
Announcing the FY 2016 Program Plan

I am pleased to share Weingart Foundation’s FY 2016 Program Plan, which outlines our strategic grantmaking priorities for the coming fiscal year and continues to prioritize Unrestricted Operating Support as our primary grant program. In the Plan, our Board of Directors also revised our mission statement to better reflect our practice, and added a new tagline, “We serve the underserved.” Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for Foundation funding are encouraged to first review the new Program Plan for context regarding our grant guidelines. To read the FY 2016 Program Plan, click here.

Belen Vargas
Vice President, Programs