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is to build a better
Southern California by
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Message From The Chair:
Dr. Robert K. Ross To Join Board of Directors

It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Robert K. Ross, M.D. will join the board of directors of the Weingart Foundation, effective January 1, 2017. Dr. Ross is well known and highly regarded as the current president and chief executive officer of The California Endowment, one of the nation’s largest foundations dedicated to expanding health access for underserved individuals and communities.

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Message From The Chair and The President:
A Full Commitment To Equity

Southern California is a place practically built on hopes and dreams. Our region has long offered the promise of education, jobs, homes, and healthy lifestyles. Like our founder, Ben Weingart, people seeking opportunity have journeyed here—from across the country and around the world—full of hope for something better for their families and their future.Throughout our careers, we have been struck by the fact that life in our society is simply not fair. We do not all have the same access to the resources necessary to meet our basic needs or to opportunities to realize our dreams.

But far too many who saw Southern California as a place of opportunity have been disappointed. Across the region, people are struggling daily for the things some take for granted—safe streets, good jobs, access to health care, affordable housing, and a quality education for our families. To read the full message, click here.