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The Critical Role of CalNonprofits
Fred Ali, President & CEO

CalNonprofits is a statewide alliance of nonprofits across all sub-sectors advocating on issues that affect nonprofits such as tax exemption, nonprofit regulation, charity rating systems, the state budget, and other "high impact but low profile" matters. Recently, Weingart Foundation President & CEO Fred Ali joined the CalNonprofits board. He shares below some thoughts about why he decided to become a CalNonprofits board member, how this is an important organization for the sector, and the reasons nonprofits should seriously consider becoming members.

As many of you will recall, in 2010 Weingart Foundation published a study by the TCC Group on nonprofit capacity building needs and services in Los Angeles County. One of the important findings from that study was that California lacked a strong association of nonprofit organizations. I am happy to report that this has now changed.

Under new leadership and management, CalNonprofits is emerging as an important voice for the over 80,000 nonprofit organizations in our state. In 2012, Jan Masaoka became the CEO of CalNonprofits. The former CEO of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and founder of Blue Avocado magazine, Jan is a true thought leader in our field. Weingart Foundation has made a significant investment in Jan’s leadership, recognizing the value and importance of bringing nonprofits together to advocate for the communities and interests they serve. And again recognizing the important role that CalNonprofits plays with the legislature, government agencies, philanthropy, and the general public, I recently joined their board of directors.

CalNonprofits members come from throughout the state, but to be honest, only a third of the membership comes from Southern California. Given the size and importance of Southern California nonprofits as advocates for hope, change, and innovative solutions to our most pressing community problems, we need to make sure our voices are heard as well. For that reason, I am hoping you will take a moment and seriously consider becoming a member of CalNonprofits. Annual membership dues are very reasonable and certainly an important investment in our work.

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