Our mission
is to build a better
Southern California by
supporting nonprofit
organizations to more
effectively serve the

President’s Message From Fred Ali:
LA County Passes Motion Supporting Full-Cost Funding for Nonprofits

When I was a nonprofit executive director, I was often frustrated by the fact that our grants and contracts rarely paid for the full costs of their intended work. We’ve long known that the failure to cover the full cost of work has been an ongoing and significant issue that limits nonprofit organizations’ ability to fulfill their missions and strengthen infrastructure. To read more, click here.

Vice President’s Message From Belen Vargas:
New Weingart Foundation Program Plan Assumptions for FY 2017

The Weingart Foundation continually works to ensure that our grantmaking programs, practices and policies are responding to and supporting the priority needs, challenges and opportunities of our grantees and the communities they serve.

As we plan our grantmaking strategy for FY 2017, we see growing signs of inequity in the availability and quality of services for our most vulnerable people and communities. During our listening sessions with nonprofits, we frequently hear comments and concerns that Southern California is increasingly being divided into separate and unequal places.

Based on these realities, our preliminary FY 2017 Program Plan Assumptions have a strong focus on advancing social and economic equity. These Assumptions will be used to develop and prioritize our grantmaking strategies for the coming fiscal year and guide the development of our FY 2017 Program Plan, which will be announced and shared on our website this summer. To read the preliminary FY 2017 Program Plan Assumptions and to send us your comments and reactions, click here.