Letter of Inquiry

Please note that a letter of inquiry (LOI) is only required if you are applying to our Regular Grant Program (all requests of more than $25,000). If you are interested in applying to our Expanding Opportunity Fund (formerly the Small Grant Program - all requests $25,000 or less), click here.

The Foundation offers an online form process through which organizations may submit an LOI for an Unrestricted Operating Support request. We are currently not accepting any new LOIs for Capital funding (for more information, click here). After our review, the Foundation’s response to an online letter of inquiry is made via email to the contact person listed on the form within approximately three to four weeks from submission.

To start the process of creating the letter of inquiry (LOI) for an Unrestricted Operating Support request, please click here.

To return to an incomplete LOI that you started earlier, click here.

If you have any questions, please review our FAQs prior to calling the Foundation.

Downloadable Samples

Unrestricted Operating Support Letter of Inquiry