How to Apply

Regular Grant Program (all requests of more than $25,000).

The Foundation accepts and processes grant requests through our Regular Grant Program throughout the year with no deadlines. Applying to our Regular Grant Program involves a two-step application process beginning with a letter of inquiry (LOI).

We have three specifically designed LOI forms: 1) core, 2) capital and 3) our general LOI form for capacity building and program requests.

To gain a better understanding of the Foundation’s funding priorities and interests, please consult the Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sections of the web site. If, after reviewing the guidelines, there is sufficient reason to believe that the Foundation’s funding priorities and interests are compatible with the needs of the organization seeking support, then a LOI should be submitted.

Please click here to begin the on-line letter of inquiry process.

If it is determined from the letter of inquiry that the request meets the Foundation’s priorities and interests, the applicant will be provided with the instructions and forms required to prepare and submit a formal application.

General inquiries to the Foundation are welcome. While the Foundation’s Board of Directors reviews and determines final action on all grants, communication with Foundation Directors is discouraged.

Small Grant Program (all requests of $25,000 or less)

There is no letter of inquiry for the Small Grant Program. After reviewing the guidelines, if the Foundation’s funding priorities and interests appear to be compatible with the needs of the organization seeking support, then an application should be submitted. Applying for a small grant is a more streamlined process than the application process for our Regular Grant Program. Please review the application instructions thoroughly before beginning the application process. Click here for instructions.