June 26, 2014 News

Vice President’s Message from Belen Vargas
Announcing the FY 2015 Program Plan

The new Vice President’s Message from Belen Vargas highlights Weingart Foundation’s just-released FY 2015 Program Plan. The Plan outlines the Foundation’s strategic grantmaking priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

Weingart Foundation is committed to providing flexible, multi-year unrestricted funding to improve the capacity and sustainability of nonprofit organizations delivering effective services for people and communities in need. Therefore, our grantmaking in FY 2015 will continue to prioritize unrestricted general operating grants (core support), as well as support for strategies to improve organizational effectiveness. In addition, in keeping with the FY 2015 Program Plan, some adjustments have also been made to our Grant Guidelines. While the grant focus and funding categories remain the same, we sharpened the language regarding the types of support provided and added new information regarding program-related investments. To read Belen’s message, and to access the FY 2015 Program Plan and updated Grant Guidelines, click here.