We work to advance fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for all Southern Californians, especially those communities hit hardest by persistent poverty.

Joint Message From Our Chair and Our President:
Introducing the FY 2018 Program Plan

Monica Lozano (third from left) and Fred Ali (left) with Belen Vargas and John Mack at the Achieving Equity convening on March 2, 2017

One year ago, the Weingart Foundation announced our full commitment to advancing social and economic equity. This commitment is inspired by a vision of a Southern California where all people can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential—a place where diversity is celebrated and justice flourishes.

In developing our FY 2018 Program Plan, we have incorporated our learnings over the past 12 months. Our conversations with nonprofits and community leaders have reflected a heightened sense of anxiety and confusion about what the future might bring given our new political reality. The plan responds to these concerns—and addresses the imbalances we see across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic lines in our education, health, economic, and justice systems. To read the full message and access the FY 2018 Program Plan, click here.